Follow-up Comment #6, bug #17334 (project freeciv):

Rather late to comment, but:
>> Quick: remove the "survives" flag and instead set the
>> "SaveSmallWonder" flag for the Apollo Program, which will have
>> much the same effect. (The latter will only make a difference
>> once bug #17333 is fixed)
> SaveSmallWonder moves wonder to another city of the same 
> player. If that player is completely wiped out, it's gone for 
> good.
But (prior to this change) the effect of the Apollo Program in the
multiplayer ruleset was player-ranged -- everyone had to build their own
Apollo before they could start their spaceship -- so it doesn't matter if a
player's Apollo is lost when they die -- everyone else still has their

Unless I've missed something, for player-ranged effects, I think
SaveSmallWonder is equivalent to "survives". (Not that we shouldn't fix bug
#17334 anyway.)


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