gtk-client valgrinding log at
 This log is almost 15MB. There's thousands of entries that all have
similar g_strdup() call in the end. I wonder if it's single bug in
glib version I use rather than freeciv bugs.

On 29 January 2011 23:04, Matthias Pfafferodt
<> wrote:
> Thanks for doing this test! I will try to read the log ...
> Approx. 50 MB lost - it is significant. Could you say something about the map
> size / number of players?

 Default map size, aifill 10, run until turn 725.

> Am Samstag, 29. Januar 2011, 20:33:03 schrieb Marko Lindqvist:
>> I run longish S2_3 server only autogame in valgrind. It took several
>> days to finish. Next I'm going for valgrinding gtk-client, which will
>> take much longer. Anyway, server errors are available here:

 - ML

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