Now that we are putting doxygen generated documentation online one way
or other we should also consider improving it.

Doxygen (like other similar tools) requires specially crafted comments
in source code (its markup) to build better documentation from. Should
we add such markup to freeciv code? It's also important to decide if
we want to use some other markup (and some other tool) instead, before
we have invested a lot of working time to add doxygen markup.
If we don't decide against doxygen markup (if we at least allow people
to add it, if not require it), I'd like to see some official policy
added to CodingStyle. It should govern markup usage on new code and
code being touched. I don't expect us to systematically go through all
the existing code to add markup now. We may decide to add some
specific subset of documentation systematically when doing so would
make documentation significantly better with small investment.

- ML

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