Follow-up Comment #2, bug #17740 (project freeciv):

> I'm playing beta3 with the experimental ruleset. I have a size
> 2 city that's building a settler. I have not activated the
> "disband if build settler at size 1" option. When the settler
> is built, the city drops to size 1. Then people migrate to my
> nearby capital, disbanding the city. I don't think this
> behavior should be allowed. [...]
My idea behind migration is that this is something the citizens decide for
themself. It should focus on some big MegaCities which eat (=disband) smaller
cities. Perhaps a small wounder 'DoNotDisband' should be added. If a cities
contains a wonder it will never be disbanded ...

> And it's doubly annoying when a few turns later, those
> migrating citizens die of plague in an overpopulated city.
> What exactly were they migrating for? Better opportunities for
> finger rot? 
This should be prevented by the following server option:

Option: mgr_foodneeded  -  Whether migration is limited by food
  If this setting is enabled, citizens will not migrate to cities which
  would not have enough food to support them. This setting has no effect
  unless migration is enabled by the 'migration' setting.
Status: changeable
Value: enabled, Default: enabled


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