Summary: server/ruleset settings
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as discussed in the forum (http://forum.freeciv.org/viewtopic.php?p=26895)
freeciv has two types of values which influence its behaviour:

[1] server settings
[2] ruleset definitions

The server settings can be devided into

[1.1] real _server_ options (like savegame, timeout, ...)
[1.2] game settings (civilwarsize, ...)

The main difference between ruleset definitions and server options are that
the server options can be changed (especially important on public server)
while ruleset options require one to edit the ruleset files. This resulted in
duplicated options (example: citymindist - min_dist_bw_cities). Freeciv 2.3
gives the possibility to define server settings in the ruleset. Thus, the
following solution is possible:

* add a new category of server options beside rar, situational:  ruleset
* move all ruleset relate options into this category
* define all these options also in the game.ruleset file (commented out if
default value)
* move important ruleset definition into this new section (illness on/off,
...) so that they can be changed without the need to edit the ruleset but can
still be set by the ruleset (and possible locked!)

As result we would have something like:

[A] server settings
[B] ruleset settings
[C] ruleset definitions

We need a clear definition that option/setting should be defined where? A
short starting point for this:

* non game play related options (timeout) [A]
* basic game play related options (illness on/off) [B]
* game definitions which depend on effects (units,terrain) [C]



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