On 19 February 2011 00:26, Jacob Nevins  wrote:
> Marko Lindqvist writes:
>>  No comments? I kind of expected at least Jacob as our main
>> documentation guru to have an opinion. Just in case I changed subject
>> of this email to one that might catch his attention better :-)
> Hey, I mainly concern myself with user documentation. Developer
> documentation is another kettle of worms entirely. ;)

 Maybe, but you still gave excellent answer.

 I have to ask if you consider modder support your area. Those people
*use* freeciv to *develop* custom content, such as rulesets and

 This comes up as I have been discussing about freeciv in civ2
scenario creation group Scenario League's forums.
Some of those people have tried to get started with freeciv modding,
but our documentation has not been good enough to get them started.
I've written some very drafty document drafts for them, but problem in
general probably remains. Whole discussion at

 - ML

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