Follow-up Comment #2, patch #2520 (project freeciv):

> Description of this ticket could be a bit more verbose :-)

Sorry, I do use this only as helper to find all the dependend tickets ;-) So
here is a summary of the history and a current status:

In patch #2143 the possibility of an lua script AI is discussed. I started to
work on it. This resulted in some problems. To solve them I did a rework of
the script module:

* patch #2513 (only moving of existing files) and patch #2514 (changes and
new files) are the basic parts. The directory ./server/scripting is splitted
in a common part (./common/scriptcore) and the server part. All functions
which do not need data only available in the server are moved. Also the core
of the lua script module is defined there. It includes the signal submodule as
well as the functions submodule (lua functions called from the c code; see
freeciv database).

* the other patches define the client lua console - as lua was now also
available for the client it was something easy to do (easier than a lua AI!)

* not posted are some cleanups to this interface and lua functions to print
all variables / functions, definition of constants in lua and work for the lua

* The state of the lua AI is 'not working' ... As it calls the default AI
from the lua code, my first test resulted in a lot of errors. There was no
clear line between both AIs. But I could start the server with this AI


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