Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2577 (project freeciv):

'maxplayers' is documented as accounting for both humans and AIs (and I
believe the documentation) -- it's simply the upper limit on _all_ players at
the start of the game, it's not the opposite of 'minplayers'. The validation
I've put in is consistent with existing checks/clips in this regard (when
loading a savegame, and when starting a game).

('maxplayers' can increase while the game is running for things like civil
war and /create, but start positions don't apply to any of these.)

I don't think 'aifill' influences the maximum number of players. The value in
the 'aifill' option is clipped to 'maxplayers' when the AIs are created: see
srv_main.c:aifill(). I could document this in 'aifill'; I don't want to add
validation to 'aifill' against 'maxplayers', as limiting one mutable option
based on another causes trouble (it starts mattering what order you set the
options in).


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