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Attached a patch for trunk, to attract comment. I believe this is finished;
S2_3 will follow (if needed).
* Invent new test_unit_can_airlift_to() returning an enumeration value with
reasons for success/failure. This can include AR_OK_*_UNKNOWN for the allied
cases, meaning "you won't know until you try it".
** Centralise checks in here; there was a get_transporter_occupancy() check
that was only in do_airline() but could also be checked by the client.
* Rework existing unit_can_airlift_to() to call this, and also to return a
value based on restricted knowledge on the client.
** I think this may have the side-effect of allowing the Xaw client to do
allied airlifts (bug #15462), but I haven't tested it.
* In do_airline(), call the test function (which will return a "certain"
result, and in failure cases, send clients a message based on the failure

(file #12620)

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