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Attached working patch for trunk, to attract comment (and screenshot of
result). I may tweak this further, otherwise S2_3 version will follow (if
* Add a new "Airlift" column to the Goto/Airlift dialog, containing textual
info about airlift capability of the destination:
** "0/1" and "1/2" show remaining airlift capacity of own cities; "Yes" shows
infinite sink capacity (airliftingstyle=DEST_UNLIMITED); "?" shows unknown
capacity of allied city; "-" shows airlift is known to be impossible
** The function generating this text is available to any client
* Add a text label at the start showing information about the city/ies the
selected unit/s are in, if any (up to 10); this shows ones which are
airlift-capable and whether they have any capacity left (using the same sort
of labels)
* (This patch propagates slightly further the memory-leaking pattern I
describe under bug #17846. Fixing that is a big job that I don't want to wait
for, but in the unlikely event that it gets fixed first, I'll rebase this

(file #12621, file #12622)

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