Follow-up Comment #4, task #7334 (project freeciv):

> if I want to add/change some feature in the Gtk client(s)
> (likely), then I'm out of luck.

In the beginning so-called gtk3-client tree will be actually gtk2-client
prepared to switch to gtk3. Difference to gtk2-client itself would be that
gtk2-client is more backward compatible (all the way to 2.12.0).
I also anticipate that you would get your patches almost certainly right just
by testing gtk2-client when making similar changes to both clients. Someone
else (I?) can then make final gtk3-testing.

> building Gtk3 (and related dependencies) from source (maybe that > isn't as
scary as I fear).

All the related packages adhere very well to building standards, so this is
not scary at all (minor disclaimer: I'm the guy developing crosser ( ) so my view of what is 'trivial' to build might
be a bit distorted). I can write some sort of quick instructions, maybe in
form of shell script.


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