Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17095 (project freeciv):

It seems Peter has been distributing a patch with Freeland 3 for Freeciv
2.2.x, without which it apparently doesn't work: see the forum
It's unfortunate that a patch is required, as it will mean that many people
can't use Freeland.

Looking at the patch, it lifts the restriction on the number of match_types
("%s.layer%d_match_with"), and would make this warning go away.

As far as I can tell, the restriction on the number of match types to
MATCH_FULL+1 is completely arbitrary. It looks like it used to be that you
specified an explicit match_style in the tileset, but now it's implicit in the
number of match_types you specify, with MATCH_FULL being the one you get for
more than two; but as far as I can it doesn't follow that the numeric number
of types should be tied to the value of MATCH_FULL, an internal enumeration.

As long as we have arrays in this data structure there will be an arbitrary
limit, but we could lift it to (say) 8 (with a new name for this limit).

However, my understand of the tileset format is murky at best, so I'd like a
second opinion from someone who understands tilesets a bit better...


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