Follow-up Comment #2, bug #17096 (project freeciv):

I'm not entirely sure I believe this assertion is valid. 

I think v1/v2/v3 index (tileset_layer)->match_types[], which is a dynamically
allocated array with no hard limit. In particular, I don't think that it's
limited by (drawing_layer)->match_indices, which is what I think this
assertion is asserting.

In this case I'm guessing it's firing as a knock-on effect of
(drawing_layer)->match_indices having been truncated by the code that's fixed
by bug #17095, presumably to less than (tileset_layer)->match_count.

Perhaps it's the case that there can't _usefully_ be more match_types than
match_indices; I don't understand this matching stuff well enough to comment
on that. If so, the condition should be enforced by an assertion in
tileset_read_toplevel(), rather than leaving it to fall through to


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