I'm wondering what advantage this would have over the current integrated
chat feature. It allows you to use commands, and send messages only to
your team, one person, or everybody. Freeciv also has two IRC channels
on freenode, #freeciv and #freeciv-dev.

I believe, but I'm not sure, that chat messages are saved if you're not
connected the same way that other messages are saved. Can someone
confirm this? If not, I think that that is a very useful feature to add,

Excuse me if I don't understand the purpose of your proposal, but it
seems like the main benefit of it is so that one can be connected to IRC
and chat with players in your game while not having freeciv open. If it
does require freeciv to be open and the specific game to be running, I
don't see the advantage it has over the already integrated chat. 

I'm sorry if I don't understand the purpose, or if I offend you. I don't
know very much about IRC, nor am I developer for freeciv (or anything
else for that matter). Just a player who subscribed to the -dev mailing
list, so my opinion doesn't really have any affect on the project or
your feature being integrated into it.


On Sun, 2011-03-20 at 14:37 +0100, Michal Mazurek wrote:
> I'm writing an IRC server for Freeciv, which I think will be useful in
> Longturn. What it does is start with three channels, #cmd, #all and #team.
> #cmd is the servers console, all output goes there, and input from #cmd is
> treated as input from a player. #all is the chat, and #team is the allies only
> chat. Messages sent to #all and #team are also sent to regular clients.
> Authentication is implemented with nickserv-like functionality.
> Does this have a chance of being integrated into Freeciv?

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