Follow-up Comment #3, bug #17949 (project freeciv):

The minimum size is not mentioned in the Help and is not part of the
definition of celebration.

"Cities with three or more citizens celebrate when at least half their
citizens are happy and none remain unhappy. The effects of celebration vary
depending on your government type; in the default ruleset:

 - Under Anarchy or Despotism, you will not suffer the normal production
penalty for tiles which produce more than 2 points of any resource (food,
production, or trade)."

I had always thought that the minimum size was for *rapture*, not
celebration.  I'm reasonably certain I've applied celebration to cities of
size 1 or 2 in the past, and have gotten the Despotism penalties removed that
way.  Typically this is accomplished by founding the capital in a high
production location, researching Pottery as the 1st tech and building the
Hanging Gardens in the capital to take advantage of the 75% production bonus
of the capital under Despotism.

Perhaps the rule is misnamed in the ruleset, but the code used to check the
rule "before rapture." Now it's checking "before celebration."  I think the
rule should be named rapture_size_limit and should be handled accordingly.


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