Follow-up Comment #2, bug #17968 (project freeciv):

If it can be useful, I understood that, in the comment posted, the value of
the squared radius is displayed.
It is calculated by simply (x^2 + y^2) where x and y are number of squares on
orthogonal directions.

Then, if for every tile this value is less or equal than the value provided
in vision_radius_sq, the square is visible.

regarding hexagon squares, it doesn't seem to be needed to change the values.
If you look carefully, in hexsquares all square radius are perfect squares
(4,9,16,25), so I think it easier to do calculation on it. If you want to see
3 hexsquares ahead, simply put 10 and the number of visible hex will be the
same as number of visible hex if you put 9 in sq_radius.
I think that this is because hexsquares are intrinsically "rounded" squares.


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