Follow-up Comment #1, bug #16909 (project freeciv):

Units can be disbanded by selecting "disband" from the Unit menu, or by
typing SHIFT+D.  Inside the city pullup screen, when the player clicks on a
unit, a menu appears and the "disband" option is clearly visible.  Disbanding
units is not documented, and the "Units" section of the Help should mention
it, but the ability to disband is readily available in the UI.  Anyone who
really wants to get rid of units should be able to figure this out,
documentation notwithstanding.

Units should not be able to "practice fighting" on each other, because that
would award them combat experience and make the units more powerful.  In terms
of game mechanics it would be imbalanced, and it's also not realistic.  Combat
improvement should come from fighting actual wars, not doing training
exercises.  A minimum level of combat improvement via training is already
provided via the Barracks city improvement.

This Wish should be closed.


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