Follow-up Comment #5, bug #17970 (project freeciv):

[timeaddenemymove and unitwaittime]
> Those settings don't help a single player game at all.
True (but see below).

> /set phasemode "PLAYER"
I thought this too. Playing against the AI is effectively turn-based anyway,
so one might as well make it actually turn-based.

I _think_ this does make a difference. It's a bit difficult to make a
convincing before-and-after demo, as changing the 'phasemode' setting mid-game
confuses things a bit.

See the attached (2.3) savegame (I'm using S2_3 r19581). In all cases we're
interested in the human-controlled Curonian Riflemen near the undefended
Mughal (AI) city of Agra (which has many Mughal Riflemen nearby).
* By default, it has phasemode=PLAYER.
** The AI doesn't seem to move to defend the city (or at all) for the first
turn regardless of threats (I'm guessing this is some transient effect because
I changed from phasemode=ALL to phasemode=PLAYER just before saving), so hit
Turn Done once to clear that out.
** Then move the Riflemen one step toward Agra, and set a Go order into Agra.
Hit Turn Done. Observe that the AI moves into Agra before we get a chance. (If
we don't attack, the AI moves into Agra to defend it.)
* Take the same game and "/set phasemode ALL" in the pregame.
** Then do just the second step above. We get there first (although the AI
kicks us out pretty soon afterward).  (If we don't attack, again, the AI moves
into Agra to defend it.)
Not entirely scientific, but I think I'm convinced. Next time I start a game
against AI I'll try running in this mode.

> However, the human player *always* moves before the AI with a 
> queued attack. That's not current _[correct?]_; that's a bug. 
See above for a counterexample. I did also test 'unitwaittime' with a
single-player game, and with a sufficiently small gap between my move and
'Turn Done', that let the AI get in first (because the Go order is completely
lost if it conflicts with 'unitwaittime').

> --kinetic (gna won't let me log in)
There was a password reset <> in
December; perhaps that's why?

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