Follow-up Comment #2, bug #18055 (project freeciv):

Response to Angelo Locritani:

I do not know what is gtk2-client (I am not a developer of the game

In case it is relevant, I access the game from Windows 7 PC over the

If it is possible to use the same gtk2-client that you use from Windows 7,
can you please direct me to some instructions on how to do it?

When I access the game, there is no "View" menu and no mini-map in top left.
There is something that may be called a mini-map at the bottom left, but I was
not referring to it.

In the big map that I see, and where the terrain is shown, there is
absolutely no visual difference between tiles of any terrain with or without
The only way to tell there is a river is by trying to build a road there or
from stats of battles.

I access the game at web site "";, click on the big
square colored picture there, and click there "Load game". The saved games
were originally started by clicking "Start single-player game".

The option to save games appeared about a week ago and at the same time
scenario games became inaccessible: If I click "Start scenario game" it takes
me to an error page "500 Servlet Exception".


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