Summary: Winning, Losing, and Points
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The wiki [and in-game help] state: "In some games when 2000 CE is reached,
the game stops and the nation with the highest score wins."  This is patently
false for all games with default options - when time runs out the game is
declared a draw.  Furthermore, i don't see an option to change this behavior
in the server.  The comment in server/score.c says: "Games ending by endturn
results in a draw, we don't rank in that case."

As i understand it, the winner is determined like this:

Total world conquest - the sole survivor wins, and doesn't care about the
Space race - the nation with the first ship to Alpha Centauri wins, and
doesn't care about the score. 
End turn - everybody loses; the score is not used. 

If so, the score is not used at all in determination of the winner.  Does it
serve some other function?

This issue was discussed in the forums [
http://forum.freeciv.org/viewtopic.php?p=26727 ], and the agreement was that
we would prefer it if the server actually did what the help says it does. 
Since some developer made a conscious decision to have the game end in a draw,
it would be nice if we can get some input on the probability of overturning
this decision.


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