Follow-up Comment #2, bug #18156 (project freeciv):

Very kind of you to look into this so quickly.

If I recall correctly I created this game under 2.2.5, just under the random
default settings.

Based on your comment I loaded the uncompressed save file into a Hex editor
and found the two cities you mention. They were displayed the same on my
screen as on the .png you uploaded. 

The name strings for the city were represented by the hex codes  50 65 72 70
69 6E 79 C3 A0 (Perpiny..) and 50 65 72 70 69 6E 79 C3 (Perpiny.).

Presumably, the first has the correctly encoded small a with grave, and the
second the prematurely truncated 2-character code. 

However when I changed the C3 characters to ASCII the crash persisted, when I
also changes the A0 character to ASCII there was no more crash. I don't know
if this is because of poor handling of malformed UTF-8 strings, or that some
translation left me with two cities with the same internal name.

Either way, thanks for the pointer, I'm not familiar with the source code, so
I'm not sure what to suggest as a fix.

Many Thanks! -- Brad


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