Follow-up Comment #2, bug #17918 (project freeciv):

> Units with "Bombarder" flag are able to kill sea units and are 
> damaged by return fire of such units.
This appears to be deliberate. From the original discussion in RT#8455
<> (which you might not be
able to see): "Only land can be bombarded. If an attack is against a unit in
the sea, it reverts to a normal attack." (Note that the test is for the
terrain, not the unit type.)

If your bombarder is a land unit, the issue doesn't arise, because they can't
attack units at sea.

If it's a sea unit, then it can bombard units on land, and will fight
normally with units at/over the sea, which was I think the original intention
(for e.g. Ironclads). (I think there may be something a bit fishy with trying
to bombard air units over land, but haven't tested it.)

If it's an air unit, then I suspect the behaviour becomes quite fishy indeed
(especially it it's attacking/bombarding another air unit). The discussion in
the original ticket mentioned some trouble with air bombarders which I think
was never fully resolved.

> also, units with "Bombarder" flag damage all unit in the stack.
> Is it intended?
That's also deliberate, going by the above-mentioned discussion.


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