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Follow-up Comment #8:

Patch attached which shouldn't use anything postdating 2.6.0 (I checked the
header files, but didn't actually build it).

> Your current fix is probably better for gtk3-client than any 
> gtk-2.12 compatible one. Maybe we should postpone changing 
> gtk2-code to 2.12 compatibility after gtk3-client has been 
> branched.
Well, it's only one line, and I've left in a comment about what we "should"
be called. Presumably the build failure from using ->vbox directly with gtk3
will be fairly obvious?

Or we could just bump the trunk requirement to 2.14 (released Sep 2008). That
would leave Debian lenny (oldstable) out in the cold, dunno about other

(file #13070)

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