I wonder if there is people lurking on this mailing list wanting to
start contributing to freeciv, but don't really know what to work on.
We do have some areas where we really would have use for some help. As
you can see, we basically would want someone taking active role with
each client.

 gtk3 migration.

 Yesterday I copied gtk2-client code as base to start gtk3-client
development. gtk3-client is really important thing to do so we will
have at least one well maintained client also in the future when gtk2
libraries are no longer available by default, or maybe not at all. But
all of the currently active contributors seem to lack either time or
other resources to take really active role in this work. I'd like to
see someone taking main responsibility for gtk3 migration. More
information about our plans are in https://gna.org/task/?7334 and
 I'll add gtk3-client category to task and bug trackers tonight.

 SDL-client maintainership

 If we want to keep SDL-client in well maintained state, we really
need someone taking active role with it. At the moment biggest single
issue is https://gna.org/bugs/?15804 If that is not fixed soon, we
have quite useless sdl-client in 2.3 series already.

 Qt-client development

 Again, someone should take active role in Qt-client development if we
want to see it forward. It was my original intend when I started that
client that development should be later given to someone else, but as
plan B I could slowly develop it myself. With the new things coming
up, I really don't have time to execute that plan B. Qt-client is on
hold until someone starts to work with it again.


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