Follow-up Comment #1, patch #2660 (project freeciv):

Is it intentional (this is just a first step) that this patch does not *use*
gamename for anything, just allows setting it.

I looked through the patch, but this should not be taken as indication that
I'm about to take it into freeciv. I were just curious, and wanted to check if
this would be somehow useful.

- It's overkill to allow setting gamename with two different means; from
commandline and by special command. We are running out of letters for
commandline options (and -g used to mean --gamelog, so old users may expect
that) and you probably want to change gamename when you start new game within
same server incarnation, so this should probably be just command
- In settings.c you add ctype.h include before fc_config.h include.
fc_config.h *must* be first header to include in each source file.
- In gamename_validate() you have one command after if() without making it a
block "{}". Unacceptable. Read CodingStyle.
- Code in gamename_validate() should be reorganized so that gotos are not
needed. Gotos are acceptable in some extremely rare situations where code
would be next to impossible to organize otherwise. Here its avoidance is
- Should gamename be saved to savegame?
- If you insist on adding commandline option, doc/man/
should be updated


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