Update of bug #18200 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                         => 2.4.0                  
                 Summary: Configure is unable to detect frameworks =>
Configure does not support Mac OS Framework-style Qt installation


Follow-up Comment #8:

I've been splitting this one to several tickets. This ticket handles
configure check for Framework Qt-installation.
Attached is first related patch. Based on information I've got so far it
tries to detect and setup include paths correctly. So if it works correctly,
you don't need to set CXXFLAGS or CPPFLAGS from commandline. It also has
similar implementation for library path setting, but as we still don't know
what the correct paths are, this is more than likely not to work.

- Test program compilation failure from comment #6 & comment #7 is now
handled in bug #18227. Please comment patch from comment #7 in that ticket

- Framework SDL-installation detection is handled in bug #18228

(file #13203)

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