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Follow-up Comment #2:

> Look at the SQL it's generating. It seems that md5 generation is 
> left to MySQL: ...md5('%s')... 
Thank you; that's what I was missing.

(This has persisted into trunk's database.lua. Does that syntax really work
with all database backends -- MySQL, Postgres, SQLite3 -- or is it a
MySQL-specific extension? I don't know standard SQL, but a few Google searches
indicate that MS SQL Server at least doesn't do it.)

> But if that's always been the case, then our bug-compatibility 
> mode is not needed - hashes to database have never been 
> generated by freeciv's broken md5
Interesting! And anyone pre-registering users is unlikely to have the same
bug as us either (unless their registration code is a hacked version of our
code, I suppose).

> (instead database has always contained correct hash and it 
> has been compared to hash generated by broken md5 -> no login 
> in big-endian machines has been possible?)
So it would seem.

OK, will close this as Invalid.


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