Hi Will,

Thank you so much for your offer. While I personally agree completely that
music would enhance the game, at this current time Freeciv does
unfortunately not support playing contextual music tracks during gameplay.
We maintain a simple roadmap at our wiki - http://freeciv.org/wiki/Coding -
and as you can see we don't have any immediate plans to implement music.

Again, thanks for your interest in the Freeciv project.

Kind regards,


2011/5/19 SHINING SPIRIT <kidchamel...@hotmail.fr>

>  Hello,
> I just would like to know, do you plan to add music in Freeciv?
> I didn't do anything yet, but I thought it could be interesting...
> You can check my music here : http://www.myspace.com/willphoenix
> Of course, this is definitely not the style of music which could be used in
> Freeciv.
> But at least I could try something? (ambient, relaxing easy-listening
> music?)
> I think your game is simply the best alternative to Civilization and I
> think some
> good music could make it even more popular.
> I've found lots of people on the net who said that Freeciv is great as it
> is, but it could get better with Music.
> Just in case you're interested, I'm really an amateur so don't expect great
> compositions like "Heroes of Might and Magic IV"...[image: Confused smile]
> Will
> kidchamel...@hotmail.fr
> http://www.myspace.com/willphoenix
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/shiningspirit/sets/
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