Follow-up Comment #16, bug #16957 (project freeciv):

Sounds like we have three separate remaining issues being discussed here.

Matthias Pfafferodt, comment #13:
> No, the basic problem is still there. Messages about a 
> [famine?], city size changes, [etc]. are not replayed if one 
> disconnects and reconnects again. You can simply test this by 
> starting a server/client game. Wait till you have such a 
> message, disconnect, reconnect and compare the text in the 
> message box.
I can reproduce this with the "Sankt-Peterburg has grown to size 2" message
if ec_turns=1, but not if ec_turns>=2.

Comment #14:
> [original submitter says:] another thing to check is if links 
> from the chat remain after a message replay (currently they do 
> not afaict). I.e., set the turn cache as advised here; ctrl 
> alt right-click somewhere, add some text after the 
> bbcode-style link in the chat line, send the message in the 
> chat, see the highlighted tile and the link in the chat; close 
> client; reconnect; see the message part of the chat line is 
> still there but both the linked part is gone as well as the 
> highlighted tile.
I just tried this with S2_3 and it worked for me. In any case, I think this
(loss of featured text) would be a separate bug.

And there's the issue in comment #7, about messages appearing out of order.
Possibly that could get fixed as a side effect of dealing with the first, but
otherwise it could be a separate issue.


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