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It looks fine as far as it goes. I agree that the i18n marking of these
strings was pointless. The patch needed rebasing (at least for XZ support on
trunk), so I've done that.

However, I think we have a wider issue (probably for a new bug):
fc_strerror() sometimes(?) tries to return a localised result. Many of its
callers do not place it in a localised context (a few do). They are often
calls to log_error(), which the wiki
<http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Internationalization#log_error.28.29> says
SHOULD NOT be translated (usually) (but some of them are). So, I think some of
our error messages are a bit of a mishmash of localised and unlocalised text.

(file #13470, file #13471)

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