Summary: Score Calculation
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            Submitted on: Wed 13 Jul 2011 05:51:35 AM GMT
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bug #18084 is about whether the 'Score' value is used at all [currently it
doesn't seem to be].  Assuming that it will be used some day, this ticket is
about how points are totaled. There was a discussion in the forum [
http://forum.freeciv.org/viewtopic.php?t=6645 ], and we agreed that the
following values would be preferred:

* [(number of citizens) ^ 2] / [number of cities]: specifically, we want
larger cities to count more than smaller cities.
* number of techs * 2: no change
* number of future techs * 5: no change
* number of owned tiles * 0.04: land area should count for something
* number of shields invested in surviving buildings * 0.005: It takes effort
to build and maintain these things.  Besides, if we are counting units, we
should count buildings, too.
* number of shields invested in small wonders * 0.025: currently small
wonders and great wonders are treated the same
* number of shields invested in great wonders * 0.05: some wonders are more
impressive than others
* spaceship score: no change [Should there be a minor penalty for ships that
take longer to get to Alpha Centauri?]

# from the code, it appears that points are tallied for units built and units
killed.  However, the help doesn't mention that at all.

$ It would be nice if there was a way to track how long a particular wonder,
building, or even unit has existed.  If there was, i would suggest some minor
point value award for those that have survived a long time.  However, i'm not
aware of a function that would do that, and it's probably not worth the effort
to implement.

% The forum discussion included the topic of penalizing players for
pollution.  The 'Pollution Output' value changes too rapidly to be useful for
this, but it would beneficial if we could simply count the number of tiles
that have pollution in them.  My suggestion is that *all* players lose a
number of points equal to the total number of pollution tiles world-wide.

& One recent addition to the discussion would be to award points for
literacy.  A current proposal is for one point per million literate citizens.

@ Yes, we are proposing fractional points where only integer values used to
exist.  Not to worry: the plan is that each separate sub-value be rounded off
before adding them together.


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