Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2513 (project freeciv):

> What is the patch file then? You should move files with "svn mv"
> to preserve history, not by removing old files and creating new
> ones by applying a patch. 

I'm working with git - it detects file moves automatically (so moving a file
in git = remove it at one place and recreate it on another place). I'm not
sure how to do this using svn. If the patch is to be commited I would ask
somebody who knows svn to do this ...
> Of course you need to make changes to,
>, (at least) with a patch, but patch
> here didn't look like that one.

For the required changes to files see patch #2514. This two are basic patches
which only move/rename/restructure files & data but should not change any

At the moment I do rebase all of the luascript patches and resort some
changes to submit them as separate tickets.


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