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> According to legend, Slavic and Finnic tribes of Novgorod
In 'Povest vremennyh let' Slovene (one slavic tribe) are mentioned only.

> Rurik established Kievan Rus'
According to PVL, this was made by Oleg who had captured Kiev. Rurik was
Novgorod prince only.

Vladimir Monomakh was early then Vsevolod Bolshoe Gnezdo (actually, his

; Alternative titles for a Despotism is Knyaz/Knyaginya

> "Veliky Novgorod"
"Velikiy Novgorod" looks better for me. Also lake/river (Ilmen/Volhov)

> "Tver",
  river (Volga)
> "Samara",
  river (Volga)
> "Ryazan"
  river (Oka)
> "Yaroslavl"
  river (Volga)
> "Novosibirsk"
  river (Ob')
> "Smolensk",
  river (Dnepr)
> "Saratov"
  river (Volga)

Well, almost all cities are on rivers. Just take most [historically]
important from the start of list.

> "Kirov",
> "Ulyanovsk"
> "Komsomolsk-na-Amure (river)"
> "Dzerzhinsk",
> "Engels",
> "Chernyakhovsk",
Can be/may be/maybe Soviet.

> "Domodedovo",
Village name. Not so good to my mind.

Question on order in city list: what are weights of population/age/historical


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