On 28 July 2011 23:59, Marko Lindqvist <no-reply.invalid-addr...@gna.org> wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #16, bug #18396 (project freeciv):
>> Can someone make a Windows S2_3 build with this patch, so we can
>> see if it helps with the help issue?
> I think I can.

Compiling... This time I'll test providing all of freeciv in just one
zip-file. This is actually smaller download than earlier ones, as
there's no freeciv-data.zip with all stuff from data directory in svn,
but only those things that get installed by "make install".
In theory even translations may work. I have not explicitly configured
localedir, and if I read configure.ac correctly, it sets it as
"./share/locale" by default when compiling for Windows. So your
working directory should be freeciv tree root when running this with
LANG set correctly: bin/freeciv-gtk2.

Latest freeciv-modpack changes have not been tested on Win. You may
want to check that too.

 - ML

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