I've been developing and maintaining freeciv building stuff mainly for
my own use, but some stuff is now really mature and really should be
used for greater good. Setting up different kind of nightly builds
(probably nobody is interestedf about binaries from linux build, but
we *are* interested about any compilation failures, binaries for
Windows would probably have some users) should be easy task using my
programs and scripts and quite a big benefit for freeciv project, but
I simply don't have kind of public server to put this stuff on.
So if anybody has public server (preferably debian/ubuntu) with some
spare capacity to offer for "freeciv continuous integration stuff", it
would be just great.
 Meanwhile nightly build run just on my own computer and only I have
access to results (I can try to setup it so that email about
compilation failures are sent to freeciv-dev)

 - ML

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