>>> Did this build also contain the uncommitted patch for bug #18396 (the
>>> bzip2 one, file #13687)?
>>  No, I considered having them both patches in that build, but thought
>> that you probably want to test effects of single patch without
>> worrying what the other patch does to results. I can make another
>> build with both patches in, of course, if you want to test that.
>  Uploading...

OK, will try this next time I'm in Windows.
(Feel free to delete the previous build from cazfi.net, BTW; I have a

>  btw. I plan to make only builds like these (freeciv in one zip) in
> the future. As you are the only one who has ever successfully used
> these builds, would you mind writing short instructions how you setup
> your system, including l10n stuff? I could only give untested theories
> about the setup myself. Forum thread about my builds is one place
> where such instructions should exist, so feel free to comment there
> directly.

Sure. Do you yet have a public example of such a build that I can cite?

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