Thank you for info.

On 1 August 2011 22:03, Christian Prochaska
<> wrote:
> On 01.08.2011 20:40, Christian Prochaska wrote:
>> On 30.07.2011 21:18, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
>>> btw. What version of gettext is being used by cproc's builds? My builds
>>> still use 0.17 as I have not succeeded in cross-compiling 0.18, 0.18.1 or
>>> for Windows. - ML

 I've solved those build problems since and crosser development
version has in it. I posted required patch and special build
instructions to gettext mailing list. I don't have plans to start
using newer crosser development snapshot (with gettext for
my freeciv builds, but I'm probably going to release stable crosser
version soon.

>> I'm using the premade packages from
>> . The current gettext package on this site is
>> (
>> and it also contains a build script which has a patch in it
>> (src/tml/packaging/
>> Christian
> PS: the gettext version used to build the 2.3.0-RC1 Windows package was
> still 0.17-1.

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