On 07.08.2011 14:23, Jacob Nevins wrote:
Hi Christian,

On freeciv-i18n, the Scottish Gaelic translator has requested that the
attached (incomplete) Scottish Gaelic gtk20.mo be included in the final
2.3.0 Windows release in share\locale\gd\LC_MESSAGES\, so that the stock
buttons like "OK" and "Cancel" get localised (there being no existing
Scottish Gaelic Gtk localisation yet, uniquely for the languages we

Is that something you can do without too much trouble? I've tested this
by dropping it into the 2.3.0-RC2 installation and setting LANG=gd, and
it seems to work fine. It is admittedly a bit of a bodge, and it would
be better for Michael to get Gtk translated upstream and for that to
trickle down into the Gtk you're using.

No problem. It's included now in the 2.3.0 installer package.

It's also been suggested that translations could be installed by
default, to make it more likely that localisation will Just Work for
non-English users. I assume this would be a simple change for you, but
I'm less sure about it, as it increases the default installation size
quite a bit.

I made the language selection "opt-out" in the 2.3.0 installer. Let's see if 
people complain.

(There's also been discussion on -i18n of how to make it easier to
switch Freeciv's locale on all platforms, but I think that has to be a
longer-term goal.)

I found a way now to at least make it a little bit easier for Windows users: the Start menu shortcuts now point to batch files that set the LANG environment variable to the first argument given to it before starting the real program. The argument is "auto" by default and can be changed by right clicking on the shortcut , clicking "Properties" and replacing "auto" with the desired language code (without quotes).



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