Update of bug #18434 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                         => 2.3.1,2.4.0            


Follow-up Comment #1:

On further experimentation, this patch doesn't make a great deal of
difference, since in the case where HAVE_LIBZ is defined as well (likely),
execution will fall through to "case FZ_ZLIB" which opens the file in "b" mode
to pass to fc_gzopen() and hence gzopen() (relying on the fact that the latter
will transparently open non-gzipped files).

(I wonder what exactly the semantics of a "b" argument to gzopen() are
anyway. Does that mean open the underlying file in binary mode -- always a
good idea if it might be gzipped -- or does it affect text-mode conversions
for the possibly-compressed content?)

I intend to commit this patch anyway, since it is a logical error.


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