Follow-up Comment #5, patch #2270 (project freeciv):

I did update the entire patch series. It is working but tests are still
running. Due to changes in unit_move() autogames differ (transported units are
moved after it is sure that the transporter survives). I'm working on an
(optional) patch which will restore the old behaviour.

Order of the patches:

- [01/09] patch #2477 [transport09] use pointer for transported units
- [02/09] patch #2547 [transport19] cleanup unit_move()
- [03/09] patch #2478 [transport10] use pointer for transported units
- patch [04/09] patch #2479 [transport11] clean up network (occupied
information of transporters)
- [05/09] patch #2482 [transport14] redo location selection
- [06/09] patch #2483 [transport15] add function to create unit type sprite
- [07/09] bug #17236 [transport18] unit selection dialog
- [08/09] patch #2480 [transport12] allow recursive transports
- [09/09] patch #2481 [transport13] allow Missiles on Mech. Inf.
(experimental ruleset) - optional

An image of the new unit selection dialog (only gtk2 at the moment) can be
found in file #13928 (experimental ruleset with patch #2481)


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