On 21 August 2011 10:35, Matthias Pfafferodt
<matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> could you check that your config.log says about bz2? The error means that the
> bzip2 was found but the devel library was not found (-lbz2). Try to install
> libbz2-devel.

 Err... configure check should check that evrtyhing needed for
compilation (i.e, also -devel packet) is installed before deciding to
enable libbz2 -support, and error Jordi is getting is about missing
libbz2, not about -devel (that should not be possible to install
without actual library being present already).

 Jordi: Can you create ticket to bug tracker about this, so the
problem will not be forgotten and we can handle it proper manner.
http://gna.org/bugs/?func=additem&group=freeciv It would be helpful if
you can also attach config.log of failed compilation to that ticket.

 - ML

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