On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 09:30:19PM +0200, Matthias Pfafferodt wrote:
> Hello Michal,
> could you define that exactly you want to do that is not possible at the 
> moment? What code changes do you use?
> Due to time limitations I'm not familiar with the development of longturn. Is 
> freeciv 2.3.0 OK for games there? Or are additional patches needed?

Just two things: authentication and newcomer code. Marko warned me about
the dangers of not initialising struct player properly. There is not much
documentation, so i asked. I ended up copying some code from here and
there, bugs will come out after usage :)

The outdated comment i posted in my original message added to my fear of
doing it wrong.

The lua shipped with freeciv has problems with sparc64, therefore i
prefer to write in C.

Michal Mazurek

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