Follow-up Comment #13, bug #17236 (project freeciv):

Huge step in the right direction.  Nice work!  It would be very helpful to be
able to select only sentried or only idle units within those subsets.  It
would also be great to be able to select only healthy or wounded units. 
Perhaps those could just be choices in the unit selection dialog. 
…eventually.  :^)

The bug that prevents orders sticking to a group of selected units is still
there, but I don't think it's gotten any worse.  (i.e. You select 14 units,
issue a command to them (e.g. Sentry), and then it cycles through all but one
of the units, activating them and asking for orders.  …but if at any point
in that second issuance of orders, you end the turn, all the units except the
currently active one follow the first order.  I'll have to double-check to
make sure someone submitted that bug….)


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