Follow-up Comment #2, bug #18633 (project freeciv):

> After /set timeout 82800 (23 hours) the client reports 22:55
Not for me; but it's differently less than 23 hours.
What's happening is that the timeout is counted from the absolute time when
the turn started (even if there was no timeout set at that time). Presumably
you issued '/set timeout' 5 minutes into the turn.
On the _next_ turn, the timeout should be the full 23 hours.
The timeout behaviour was last tweaked by me in bug #18079; I can't remember
if the behaviour was similar before that.

> I also can't seem to set a timeout greater than 60 hours
Hm. The maximum is supposed to be 100 days. I can reproduce behaviour where
the server accepts bigger timeouts, but the client seems unwilling to display
a remaining timeout greater than 60 hours. (I think it's not a particular
value of the 'timeout' option, it's the time remaining at the point the
timeout is set -- see above.)


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