Follow-up Comment #1, bug #18707 (project freeciv):

Hm. When I tried it (with trunk), it seemed to basically work for me, save
that it jumps straight from 0 to 3, so the first few turns of idleness don't
show up.

By "work" I mean that for connected clients where the user didn't do
anything, the player "Idle" column increased. Players without connected
clients behaved the same, and reconnecting but not doing anything didn't reset
the counter. But doing an action to a unit did reset the counter.

The "jumping" oddity comes from client/plrdlg_common.c:col_idle(), which
cannot ever display an "idle" of less than 3. I don't understand why that
should be. It's been that way since it first went in CVS in 1998. Anyone

In my testing, I did find one client was persistently listed as not being
idle even when I wasn't doing anything. Not sure why.

Idleness is defined by server_packet_input(); any packet which can only
legally come from a player resets nturns_idle (and it's incremented in
send_year_to_clients()). I wouldn't like to say that there's no action a
client can take autonomously on turn change that doesn't reset this...

A player's "idle" as seen by another player isn't reset to 0 as soon as the
player moves -- it generally updates at turn change. This is presumably
because the server doesn't send out player_info updates to all clients purely
based on nturns_idle being reset.


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