Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2963 (project freeciv):

it's late so only a short comment:
> didn't add any handicap, the aicore module can't use
> ai_handicap or map_known_and_seen function :-(. Any ideas? 
perhaps add the handicap in the functions for the default AI? For example,
return without searching for a city on the other side of the ocean? Or a
random element? (chance to get a city = x%)?
> touches ai_unit_task... i don't know with implications has...
> requires a capability change? requires touching the network
> code? required touching the save game code?
enum ai_unit_task is part of the AI (in trunk it is moved to aiunit.h). So,
this does not require a capability change as there are no changes to the
network protokol - it is a (default) AI internal change.

You could think about saving the computed destination city for the unit in
the savegame. This would increase the memory of the AI ;-)

I do not know if this change is something for 2.3 but for sure it should be
go to trunk (= 2.4). There, it can use all the cleanup done to the AI code!

If the code is ready, some cleanup will be needed (line length!).


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