Follow-up Comment #2, bug #18755 (project freeciv):

Changing the "small display" option just changes how much space is allowed
for the minimap. Depending on the map size, that may be enough to add/remove

> either the whole map should be shrinked enough fit however 
> small space it has (well at least ~60px)
I think the shrinking logic is far from perfect, but as of 2.3.x, Freeciv
supports maps where even a 1 pix/tile minimap would be too large to be
sensible; and a minimap that doesn't have at least one pixel per tile doesn't
seem very useful. So it's got to be a viewport sometimes.

> or it should behave like a view-port (like interactive real 
> world map sites) that pushes aside when dragging & dropping 
> inside of it ; in either case not needing scroll bars.
Not sure what you mean by dragging and dropping; there are no drag-and-drop
operations in Freeciv involving the minimap.

I agree that scrollbars you can interact with are unnecessary, but I think
that scrollbars, or something like them, are useful to show what proportion of
the whole map the minimap is a viewport onto; unlike Google Maps, you don't
necessarily already have a good idea what the whole thing looks like. If
they're not interactive, they could stand to be a lot narrower.

I did once look at rationalising all this in bug 17825
<>, but I couldn't
work out exactly what the right design was -- only that what we have today
isn't it ;)


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