Ok I hope by replying by email to freeciv-dev@gna.org that there will be the quote, I didn't see a quote button on the web interface

or it should behave like a view-port (like interactive real
world map sites) that pushes aside when dragging&  dropping
inside of it ; in either case not needing scroll bars.
Not sure what you mean by dragging and dropping; there are no drag-and-drop
operations in Freeciv involving the minimap.

I'm not sure view-port (viewport) is the right term but it's the one I'm using for a lack of a better term. Whichever word it is, it's suppose to describe a navigable "hole" in part of a (much) larger part. Getting back to my example, let's say you are at 100m scale clearly seeing the streets path, well if you want to get to another town, you will have to drag & drop a lot in that hole so that the image at that scale cross the municipal border, yet alone get into the town center. To further show what I mean I created an image in which the dark grey border are static and the light grey is the virtual movement and the arrow show dragging & dropping in the middle of the "view-port".

Well that hole doesn't need scroll bars because it should be big enough to allow dragging & dropping and you theorically get to any point using it (I think few people would have the patience go across a continent at clear street level (zoom)).

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