Follow-up Comment #1, bug #18776 (project freeciv):

I managed to recreate the crash. Again I removed the players.

... remove 15 players ...
> /remove "alex pancho"
2: Removing player Alex Pancho.
Removed player Alex Pancho from the game.
> /save test
Game saved as /home/longturn/server/ltex2.3//save/test.sav.gz
> /set timeout 120
Console: 'timeout' has been set to 120.
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

segfault occured about 10 seconds after /set timeout 120.

#0  0x00000000001ab454 in calc_civ_score (pplayer=0x20d084000) at
199           pcmap->player[player_index(owner)].landarea++;


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