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hmmm, I'm not too sure. Although it's true that the current flag is only the
flag of the modern Friesland/Fryslân province, it is based on old Frisian
symbolism. Blue and white have been the Frisian colors since the Middle Ages
and the Water Lily leafs are a traditional Frisian symbol too. In fact the
seven leafs refer to the 'Seven Frisian Sealands', which is a Medieval term
for Greater Frisia, not just the province. (The Ommelanden of Groningen, in
the Middle Ages part of Greater Frisia but since defrisianised, still use a
similar flag.)

The flag of the Interfrisian Council looks a bit too 'bureaucratic' to me,
and frankly I've never seen it before (the provincial flag on the other hand
is omnipresent in Friesland). If you really prefer a flag that represents
Greater Frisia rather than just the province I suggest we use the Pan-Frisian
flag of the Groep fan Auwerk:
That one is a bit better known and (IMO) it also looks a lot nicer than the
flag of the Interfrisian Council.

Alternatively, we could make separate nations for East and North Frisia.


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